fake watch works

The introduction of quartz watches in the 1960s led many to think that traditional mechanical watches are now out of fashion. But the opposite happened.When we look at the last years, there has been a remarkable renaissance for mechanical watches.Owes this renaissance to the fake watch industry. Today, exciting new mechanical watch designs take their place at the world's most famous watch fairs every year and the sections that attract the most attention of consumers are usually the stands with these new generation mechanical watches.We produce very high quality fake watches inspired by them.Fake watch works same way and we improved it a lot.

Basically all mechanical watches have the same interior and work the same.The simple winding of the main spring part inside makes the fake watch work.The power generated by the winding of this spring creates the energy that keeps the gear and wheel system of the fake watch moving.The speed of the gear group inside the watch is controlled by the balance wheel.These mechanism gears swing back and forth synchronously, triggering the tong mechanism that provides precise intervals;this prevents the watch from falling behind.This movement allows the hour and minute hands to indicate the correct time on a twelve-hour marked dial.It is the movement of this pendulum mechanism that makes the familiar tone of a mechanical watch that generally disturbs us.

Although these basic principles are almost the same for today's mechanical watch movements, hundreds of innovations have been made to add additional functionality to the basic mechanical movement.These additional functions are commonly referred to as functions or complications and to be honest, the more functions the watch has, the more expensive it is accordingly. In fact, many replica watch manufacturers have developed different machines for their models. You can think of machine parts like lego. Thanks to the laws of physics, many different fake watch machines can be made.

One of the most popular fake watch functions, the main spring that enables the watch to be set up and operated, is the function of self-winding with the user's wrist movements.Other popular functions include calendars, alarms, moon phase and power saving indicators.Among the mechanical fake watch functions, the most advanced function is the Tourbillon mechanism. Whether it is a pocket watch or a wrist fake watch, the pendulum system of mechanical watches is affected by gravity.This system works faster when the watch is parallel to the ground, and slower when it is vertical.While pocket watches have a fixed position, this is different for wristwatches.For this reason, the pendulum is placed in a special rotating cage to resist gravitational forces that may cause timing errors in the tourbillon mechanism and the problems we mentioned above have been eliminated.

Almost all mechanical watches use jewelery bearings to reduce friction caused by moving mechanical parts.Although the basic design of mechanical watches has not undergone a major change for over 300 years, these marvel of design watches have many fans today as they were in that period. Although they have a thick structure in general, thin mechanical watch models bearing the signature of famous watch designers have started to strengthen their place on the shelves.Thanks to these extraordinarily designed replica watches, people will not be able to take their eyes off your fake watch.