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Before shipping, we double-check your replica watch, ensuring you never have any problems with your purchase. As soon as payment is complete, we prepare your order for shipment and provide you with a tracking number, allowing you to trace it online. Thanks to our special shipping method, you will not pay any customs duties for your replica watch.

In this section, we discussed that buying replica watches is legal worldwide. That's why we can ship to anywhere with ease. However, if you buy more than 15 replica watches, it may be inconvenient. We can handle any quantity, even hundreds. Just be cautious, as selling replica watches is still illegal in some countries. If you want to buy several watches a week, start your shopping now.

What is our special shipping method for replica watches? If you bought only one watch, we include a note in the package saying it is a gift and welcoming you back to Turkey. Customs are busy places, handling tens of thousands of packages daily, making it impractical to open and inspect each one. Our packages from Turkey, a trusted country, generally pass without inspection. We ship all our replica watches from Antalya, ensuring no customs taxes have been paid by our customers so far.

About three months ago, a US customer sent me seven broken watches, some of which were original, for repair. We fixed them all and sent them back with a note stating the watches were repaired. This prompted us to offer a repair service for our international customers. Our shipping system is fast and secure. No matter the brand, we repair and return your watches at a reasonable price. Note that repairing one watch might be more costly than shipping. Hence, we accept multiple watches for repair. If you have several watches needing repair, contact us.

We wrap your replica watch in bubble wrap to prevent any damage during shipping. This ensures it arrives without scratches. All our watches are brand new; you will be the first to use them. We test each watch before shipping. After securing the package, we carefully label it with receiver and sender information, including your phone number, so you can be contacted if not at home. We love our job and aim for high quality and secure service. Our goal is to provide high-quality replica watches and excellent service to attract more customers.

Speaking of shipping security, we excel in this area. After preparing your package, we go to our contracted courier company and complete the shipping form. The company gives us a tracking number, which provides crucial information, such as the package's location at any time. You can track your package using this number on courier websites. If you find this challenging, we are here to assist you. Contact us, and we will track your package for you.

Just as you look forward to receiving your replica watch, we eagerly await your feedback. Your satisfaction is our success indicator. If you are happy with our product, you will likely recommend us to friends and relatives, helping us gain more customers. Sometimes people will admire your watch without realizing it is a replica. Our customers often share interesting stories about their watches, which we will share with you soon.