Who wouldn't want to own an original Cartier watch? But we have high quality Replica Cartier watches. Cartier is a worldwide brand from past to present. The brand, which means "world" in French, was first established in London. Cartier, which sells in many product categories today, has managed to become the "address of luxury" with its product variety. Popular centers of the brand that proves its existence in every country with its 200 retail stores; London, Paris and New York. In Cartier's collection; Specially designed luxury watches, Jewels, Special design bags, sunglasses , Accessories (scarf, cufflinks, lighter, key chain) are available.

The most popular product of the Cartier brand, the address of elegance and elegance, is undoubtedly the watches. Of course, such popular Cartier watches are also produced in the competitive market. How to understand the Replica Cartier watch? We came to answer this question with the subject. Chinese bad quality replica products as much as we can say original at first glance, but when you look carefully and know some key points, the non-original product is immediately evident

The Story of Replica Cartier Watch

Cartier, which started out with many products, started to design unique watches. The goal of "unavailable hours", which is the biggest goal of the brand, will be realized in this way. In 1874, the son of the Cartier family learned the business and added a different dimension to the watch design, so much so that he started to design many models such as wristwatches, watches for necklaces and wall clocks. While the business was growing rapidly, Cartier's son introduced the first watch with diamonds in 1988. After the 1910's, the popularity of the Cartier watch, which has been increasingly, has become widespread. The brand's production of the first waterproof watch in 1932 also contributed greatly to its current awareness. Since 1932, the watch is still on sale in many countries. Focusing on Cartier watch design, the Cartier family has thus succeeded in becoming the most known and preferred among watch brands. The brand, which has maintained its permanence in Cartier women's watches and Cartier men's watches since its establishment, continues to add a new collection every day in the watch field.

Ways to Understand a Replica Cartier Watch

Looking at the back mechanism of the replica cartier watch, it is seen that the brand name is written with laser writing technique in the high quality Replica Cartier, while the real font of the brand is not used in Cartier bad Chinese fake watch products and it is written with paint technique. Situations such as fading in paint and word mistakes should be checked.All the inscriptions found in the Replica Cartier watch are written with a skillful craftsmanship. It is clear that the inscriptions in the Chinese fake Cartier watches are not meticulous. It can be observed that the dyes are pale and wiped off. This situation can be understood in situations such as serial number, brand name, logo.

While the brand name embroidered on the strap looks flawless in the original, the posture, spelling and font of the letters in the Chinese fake watches are different.The crown found on replica Cartier watches is also like the original. In the replica Cartier, the minute hand moves clockwise when it is brought to the winding position, and vice versa for Chinese fake products.The product material gives away replica watches. Replica Cartier watch metal is shiny and flawless, it is produced from special steel material. The materials of the Chinese watches are more matte.There will be a significant difference in weight between the replica Cartier watch and the Chinese fake watches. Replica watches are heavy.

Watch clicking sounds are in harmony in the replica Cartier, but it is difficult to hear this in Chinese fake products.Listening to the ticking of the watch also betrays falsehood. A harmonious sound is heard when we hold a carefully manufactured and specially designed watch to our ear. This is not possible with fake versions.The strap and clip of the Cartier watch are flawless. It closes with a gentle move. It is comfortable to use and texture. Chinese fake products, on the other hand, offer a rough and harder use.If the watch has a bezel, it can easily rotate in the original, but the replica will get stuck.Precious products such as sapphires are used in the replica Cartier watch display. Mineral crystals are used in the Chinese fake watch.

Luxury Replica watches are prepared by master watchmakers. These watchmakers use precision engraving tools to write clearly and clearly on the watch. If any of the texts are confused or difficult to read, the watch will likely be fake. If the product and model you will buy is certain, you should make a comparison on the internet beforehand. If possible, it should also be possible to consult a specialist before taking it.