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The demand for Replica Rolex, the brand most preferred by watch enthusiasts, leads to the release of replicas.Low quality fake watches are produced in China and spread on the market. There is a lot of difference in price and quality in counterfeit watches compared to original products. In order not to give an opportunity to counterfeiters in the watch industry, it is necessary to draw attention to some criteria about high quality replica Rolex watches

high quality Replica rolex watches

Look at the mechanism of the replica watch

When the replica watch is turned to the winding position, turning the minute hand in the opposite direction rather than clockwise indicates a low quality fake watch. In the high quality replica Rolex, the minute hand moves clockwise. The logo is processed on the crystal glass with the micro etching technique. This process, which is difficult to see with the eye, is engraved under glass in fake watches

Pay attention to the logo of replica rolex

The high quality replica Rolex has the logo of the brand on the strap of the watch. The crown of the king included in the logo is originally a curved shape. On the low quality fake Rolex watch, the logo cannot be fully processed and some products do not.

How to understand the high quality replica Rolex watch?

The biggest difference is the quality of the materials used: The high quality replica Rolex watch uses a special steel. This is not possible in low quality replicas. High quality replica Rolex's band is shiny and flawless.

Pay attention to the bezel of the replica watch

In the high quality replica Rolex, the bezel of the watch can be turned easily. low quality replica Rolex watches, on the other hand, give themselves away from the bezel and get stuck when turning. In addition, it is seen that the numbers on the bezel are painted. In the original, laser writing technique is applied.