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Replica Breitling watches manufacturer from turkey, 2011 referred to the classics in the world of design has developed since the watch. Replica Breitling watches captured flawless work with fake Breitling Navitimer , which it created with 30 years of experience and today's possibilities, and won the Best Replica Watches Prize in the UK.

The Replica Breitling Navitimer brought its 'Best Replica Watches' prize in the UK, Navitimer unveiled its first prototype in 2018 after 2 years of preparation, and as a result of this long-term work, the watch world met a new escapement mechanism. Many systems have been tried to achieve flawless operation in fake watches

Finally, replica breitling watches were introduced to the famous escapement hand. Although it was far ahead of the previous systems, the escapement arm only gives back the energy it received from the spring drum that shrinks over time, unfortunately, this energy, which determines the time-keeping accuracy, worked very quickly in the beginning, and then turned into a machine that was out of power. The Breitling navitimer achieved this handicap by integrating a medium-level instrument into this system in the form of an extremely thin leaf to transmit energy at the same performance.

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This leaf-shaped tool; storing the energy at a fixed point just at the threshold of variability, and then before starting the cycle again, all energy is allows it to be transmitted at once. This results in a unique constant power escapement that provides uninterrupted and continuous power, unlike other systems that average over time and offer a constant power.

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The working principle of the escapement, which brought Replica Breitling watches a 'big prize', works as follows: The variability state that characterizes the transition from compression to curl state is known as "flam-bajt, and this is why spring experts prefer twisted leaves. Here, the silicone sheet, one sixth the thickness of the hair shaft, acts as a micro-accumulator of energy. This leaf stretches as close as possible to the variable state and requires an extremely small amount of energy to move from one state to the next, while pushing the balance spring forward, compensating for the variable energy of the drum, and releasing the same amount of energy each time.

Although the choice of material in the design and manufacture of the leaf is made from silicon due to its ideal qualities, it is possible to use different materials in the escapement gears. On the other hand, the brass cavities in the mechanism are coated with black PVD for a modern look. Emphasizing the technical aspects and three-dimensionality in the aesthetics of the mechanism, but at the same time, the iconic three thresholds of the brand, which is placed on the dial part with a new method, and the two arrow thresholds on the case back, also signaled that it does not break with tradition.

In replica breitling watches, a single module designed escapement. This revolutionary movement in its field was thought about how to benefit from after-sales services when it was at the drawing stage, the entire escapement was designed as a single module and easily removed by an expert watchmaker.

Replica Breitling navitimer manual soot caliber approx.8mm. Its case is 18K white gold, 6 mm in diameter and 12 mm thick. In addition, the fact that the back of the case is transparent allows the handwork to be seen easily. In its open case, the watch is not located in the center and the power reserve is placed linearly. This award-winning model, which is water resistant to 30 meters, is completed with a crocodile leather strap and a white gold buckle.

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