When you see replica rolex without a Replica Rolex certification, don't believe it's a rolex. We suggest you do some questioning. You ask why? Because no rolex is uncertified. Every replica rolex climbs mountains and hills, struggles with waves, is sent several thousand feet below the sea, runs at a speed that our heart rhythm can't reach. These are just some of the small tests that the rolex company has done, and a replica rolex watch that does not pass them is not a rolex. So how do these tests take place? How is the pressure test really under the sea? How can an hour withstand a rhythm that our heart cannot afford, or how can it be measured? Let's all together, how is the replica rolex watch that looks amazing and makes everyone's eyes on us? What Are Replica Rolex Certified Watches Test Trials

Reliability Test in Replica Rolex watches

From the day it was founded, Replica Rolex has set out from the perspective of eternity, perfection and innovative thinking. As a matter of fact, it should not be surprising that it has remained at the top for a long time, even if it is a company that started out with this manifesto. Replica Rolex has always preserved its originality, adding new collections and new collectors to its family. Of course, behind this there is a feeling of 100% trust. All Replica Rolex-certified watches have been swam in the depths of the oceans, all-weather tested, and placed in extreme situations that allow them to run like a greyhound on the racetrack. All Replica Rolexes with this certificate are put on the market with a 100% positive response to these tests. Thus, it proves its reliability even in all extreme conditions.

Highest Security Test in Replica Rolex watches

We said that replica rolex watches climb steep heights and are exposed to pressures in deep waters. All new generation watches of Rolex and before are subjected to many accident tests, and the impacts and daily body movements that occur as a result of these accidents can expose your wrist and buckle of the watch to the hardest impacts. These buckles are immersed and opened tens of thousands of times in chlorine and salt tanks with sand attachments to ensure they will last even in the toughest conditions. Thus, it is seen how security measures are responded to.

Crash Test in Replica Rolex Watches

A replica rolex watch that has passed the reliability and safety tests can now be subjected to the next step, the crash test. Namely, Replica Rolex watches pass 20 different drop tests in order to be certified. The most challenging tests at this stage are homologation and special shock processes known as bélier. This shock process takes its name from the ram. This special shock equipment delivers an impact equivalent to 5,000 G-forces per hour. That is almost 100 times the equivalent of being hit by a car. Here it appears to have managed to maintain the watch accuracy and appearance to the highest standards. As a result of these tests, if the replica rolex watch is undamaged and continues to work fully functional, it is subjected to the next stage, the waterproof test.

Waterproof Test in Replica Rolex Watches

This test is especially important for all replica rolex watches. Because it is equipped with the 'Oyster' case, which aims for optimum protection against dust, water and shocks. All watches are tested here before proceeding to the next stage. Replica Rolex watches are submerged in water and apply 10% more pressure than the pressure guaranteed on the Replica Rolex certification. However, it has been observed that up to 25% more pressure is applied on diver watches, which are one of the Rolex collections. Thus, Replica Rolex proves its resistance to water pressure up to 100 meters