In order to understand the history of replica rolex watches, it is necessary to know the history of rolex briefly. Rolex, the most prestigious and quality watch brand known worldwide, produces more than 2000 watches every day. With an annual revenue of more than 7 billion dollars, Rolex is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to luxury watches. Today, wearing a Rolex watch is in itself a sign of wealth. Rolex, a Swiss-based company, is known not only for the watches it produces, but also for the attentive and quality service it provides to its customers. Every customer who buys from Rolex joins this extended family. Well, how was Rolex, one of the 57 most powerful brands in the world, established and became such a successful company?

Rolex was founded in 1905. The Swiss-based brand was first established in London, England. The founders of the brand are Hans Wilsdorf and his brother's wife, Alfred Davis. Of course, this was not the first brand name of Rolex, which has proven itself to the whole world! The brand takes its name from its founders in the first years of its establishment. The brand name Wilsdorf and Davis was moved to Genoa, Switzerland in 1919. The brand moved to Switzerland and changed its name here to Rolex. Hans Wilsdorf gave the brand the name Rolex. The reason for this name is that they want the brand to be easily read and known all over the world.

Today, the biggest competitors of the Rolex brand are watch brands such as Omega, Patek Philippe and Panerai. But Replica Rolex has always taken the lead in this race. Rolex makes a name for itself not only with the elegance and quality of the replica watches it produces, but also with the events it sponsors. Rolex sponsors high-level sports such as tennis, golf and yachting with its classic and elegant watches. In summary, Rolex always comes to mind when it comes to quality.Founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, Rolex's first years in the industry went like this...

Wilsdorf and Davis, who wanted to build a high-end watch, started this business by combining the watch parts they imported from Hermann Agler with the watch cases they bought from quality companies like Dennison. Collaborating with reliable jewelry dealers for the first time, Rolex imprinted the W&D stamp, the brand name it used at that time, on the inside of the straps of its first watches. Of course, in the following years, W&D left its place to Rolex.

For Rolex, 1908 was a turning point! The first office of the brand was opened in Switzerland. Now it's time to change the W&D name. The person who came up with the name Rolex is Hans Wilsdorf, one of the founders of the brand. Wilsdorf wanted the watch brand to have a name that could easily be said all over the world. That's why he came up with the name Rolex, which consists of only two syllables and is pronounced the same in every language. Rolex calls its name “quality in 5 letters”.

When the history of Replica Rolex is examined, it is seen that it is a brand that appeals to the elite. Being aware of this, Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, founded Tudor, a watch brand that appeals to the middle class. Tudor, which sells products in a sub-segment of Rolex, was opened in 1946. Hans Wilsdorf was in the management of both brands until his death in 1960. Thanks to Wilsdorf, who took great strides in the growth and progress of these two brands, watch brands that are still popular today were created.

After the death of his wife, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf decided in 1944 that he wanted to do something about social responsibility. The businessman, who founded the Hans Wilsdorf foundation, announced in his will that he left all the shares of his companies and part of the annual profit share to the foundation. Today, these shares are still in the foundation. Hans Wilsdorf took such a decision because he wanted his assets to reach the right people. Rolex is the only company that never sells stocks, besides the many million-dollar brands on the market.

The designs of Rolex, which has been producing watches since its establishment, have always been elegant and innovative. In addition to its stylish designs, Rolex has achieved many firsts in the watch industry. The success of Rolex, which brings a brand new breath to the known watch concept, is riveted with the innovations it has made one after the other.

Rolex has produced more than a hundred models of watches to date. While the production of some watches was terminated after a certain period of time, some models have become so popular that their production still continues today. Although the company is a company that produces stylish and elegant watches, it has not forgotten sports lovers. The waterproof model called “Submariner” has been the brand's best-selling and sought-after watch since the day it started production.

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