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We had ( see all replica tag heuer watches )the opportunity to encounter the Replica Tag Heuer Grand Carrera, the most talked about and the most curious model in the UK, at the High Watchmaking meeting of Oğuz Taş, the Head of Science and Engineering of the brand, held by John at Çırağan Palace.

The most mysterious aspect of the replica watches with admired mechanics and craftsmanship is the geniuses behind them. We had the opportunity to listen to the inventions and ingenious works of the brand from Oğuz Taş, Head of Science and Engineering Department, at the special presentation titled " Replica Watchmaking Manifesto from Tag Heuer" organized by John at Çırağan Palace. Oguz Taş is an Industrial Design Engineer working with very large and very small machines; a scientist with a doctorate in physics and science engineering. Two major simulation projects related to optics, next generation hybrid devices, gas turbines, helicopters and test aircraft etc. There are many works that push the boundaries. Oguz started working for the space industry in 2009 as a fully independent aerospace engineering specialist

Their first crossing with Replica Tag Heuer occurred in 2014, when the brand was looking to produce the smallest belt. Their joint work continued in 2008 with the transition of Oğuz to the company. With this partnership, the brand, which is effective in its segment, started to add a different dimension to the end of the hour with Oguz and introduced the first replica Tag carrera model to the market in 2014. Carrera was re-produced in 2014. When we look at what kind of innovations have been experienced in Replica Tag Heuer in these 10 years before moving on to the model, we encounter impressive mechanisms.

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During this period, Replica Tag Heuer began to design his magnificent models, as he did not only aim to produce tourbillons or minute repeaters. The micrograph is a product of high watchmaking and has the first integrated column wheel coordinator chronograph that shows 1 / 100th of a second. Mikrogirder was awarded at the London Grand Prix in 2012. It has 7.200.000 beats per hour with 5 / 10.000 seconds. The model has become more equipped than any other brand, with its precision and performance in time measurement, thanks to the technique.

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The Mikrotourbillon S model is the most luxurious and precise chronograph ever produced. Two rotating tourbillons in the dial, one of which operates the watch with 4 hertz - 28,000 beats. The second controls the chronograph, which is the fastest tourbillon in the world, allowing the chronograph to operate at 50 hertz with a pulse of 1/100 of a second. This means 12 rounds per minute. We understand that Replica Tag Heuer in went out of the world of existing mechanisms and followed the "what can we do differently" in all its productions until 2014, and that the V4, which was released in 2004, was just a prototype.

The replica Tag heuer watches’s creative team decided to invent the high frequency micro tourbillon to celebrate their 10th anniversary. In order to achieve the mechanical results they planned, they did a feverish study with Oğuz's talented engineers for 1 year. The tourbillon, an iconic piece in watchmaking, was transformed into a different shape in the hands of the brand for the first time in the world, and the movement of the movement was achieved by using Carrera Tourbillon Da micro straps. The most important advantage of the straps is that there is no backlash on the tourbillon and it can complete its rotation smoothly..

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