it's very easy to set your fake watch

Most users who just bought their fake watch have some trouble setting up. Our replica watches are made just like the original,the crown is clamped to prevent water.Therefore you cannot move the crown.To adjust, first turn the crown slowly downwards then you will feel the crown disengage,now your fake watch is ready to be set.Once pull the crown back and turn it, you set the calendar.You can set the time on the second pull of the crown.I tried to explain with the pictures below.

set fake watch
how to set fake watch
set my fake watch

Please remember to close the crown very well to avoid getting water.If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

How can I make smaller my fake watch?

When you buy a new fake watch, it will surely make your arm too big.Don't worry it's easy to adjust your fake watch to fit your wrist.Before we start smaller fake watch we will need some tools,these are in our house.First one is screwdriver,second is pliers.

fake watch case
fake watch material

The most important of these tools is the screwdriver.Because the size of the screws in your fake watch is small. Therefore, the tip of the screwdriver you use should be the same size as the screw tip in your fake watch.If you are sure that it is same size, let's start the smaller process.First, slowly unscrew the parts of your fake watch's band with a screwdriver.You will see that the screw on your fake watch comes off.Unscrew the screw completely with pliers.Congratulations you removed the first piece.Do the same process as much as you want to minimize.Is it easy to smaller your fake watch?I tried to explain the pictures below.

fake watch smaller
fake rolex smaller
smaller my fake rolex

After finishing smaller your fake watch, make sure the screws are well tightened.Different fake watch models use different smaller techniques.If your fake watch is a different model and you have difficulty smaller, please contact us.

How can I clean my fake watch?

how can i clean my fake watch

The method you use to clean a fake watch depends on the type of fake watch you have. However, keep in mind that all replica watches need to be cleaned regularly. In this article, we will give you simple information about how to clean a fake watch.Before starting to explain, we would like to point out that the issue you should pay particular attention to is that you perform the cleaning process in accordance with the model of your watch. Replica watches made of silicone, leather or metal have properties that require different cleaning steps.

First of all, you need to get your fake watch ready to clean. Before cleaning your fake watch, it will be very convenient for you to remove the strap of your fake watch from the case part.To remove the fake watch strap, you must remove the pin or screws that attach the strap to the case. If you can remove the band, we can start, but if you cannot remove the fake watch band, be careful not to get too much liquid contact with the case while cleaning.Otherwise, you may damage your fake watch. After separating the strap and case, be sure to keep the fastener parts in a safe place.To clean your fake watch, you will need: a soft, lint-free cloth, a small amount (not more than 1 drop) of dish soap and half a liter of room temperature water.If your fake watch has a leather strap, you should use a small amount of vinegar instead of dish soap. Otherwise, you will notice that the leather strap has lost its luster.

Let's start with the cleaning of your fake watch from the easy part, namely the fake watch's strap.If the strap of your fake watch is plastic or silicone, let it dip into the soap and water mixture we made above and let it dry well with a cloth after waiting for 5 minutes.If your fake watch's strap is metal, never immerse it in water. Wet a small portion of the cloth, clean your strap with gentle movements and dry immediately.If your fake watch using a leather strap, use vinegared water instead of soapy water to wipe your strap with a slightly damp cloth, just like a metal strap, and dry immediately.You can clean your fake watch strap by applying the same method in the fake watch having a fabric strap.

Especially metal band fake watches consist of many parts, so dirt accumulates between them. Likewise, since silicone and plastic straps are prone to sweating, this dirt gets into the fake watch.If you are faced with a similar situation, toothpicks and cotton swabs will be your biggest help. You can remove the dirt in difficult places with a toothpick and clean it with the help of a cotton swab.You can use a dry microfiber or chamois cloth to clean the case of your fake watch. Be careful not to use water when cleaning the fake watch's frame and fake watch's glass part. Using hard materials while cleaning the glass of your fake watch may cause scratches.For this reason, it will be correct to choose a soft cloth. You can use dental floss for areas that are difficult to clean. While cleaning the part of the case that is connected with the fake watch's strap and the back, take care to clean it lightly with the help of a cotton swab.After reassembling your fake watch, be sure to clean it again with a soft and dry lint-free cloth. Make sure to check that there is no water in any part of your fake watch.fake watch cleaning, which is very easy, is a task that requires attention. If you pay attention to the warnings mentioned above, you can easily clean your fake watch and use it for many years.

Simply how to care my fake watch?

how to care my fake watch

Having a quality fake watch is one of the things every person wants, and most of us believe that once they have this fake watch it will work forever.However, this fake watch, which is seen as a symbol of elegance and perfection, turns into a discarded item that does not work if it is not well cared for, left dirty and subjected to bumps.With proper care, you can use your fake watch for many years and even leave it as a family heirloom to future generations. Let's talk about simple but effective ways you should apply for fake watch maintenance.

Most importantly, don't forget to clean your watch regularly.Wiping your fake watch with a dry and soft cloth after removing it every day allows you to easily clean the sweat and air formed during the day, and the dust adhering to your skin and from there to your fake watch.Doing this habit every day prevents the formation of dirt layers on your fake watch.Apart from this routine daily cleaning, cleaning your fake watch once a month with a slightly damp soapy cloth and a soft-tipped toothbrush will add shine to your fake watch.This cleaning process is suitable for metal and silicone fake watches, do not apply for fake watches with leather straps.For fake watches with leather straps, use leather polish or 1-2 drops of white vinegar per half liter of water and wipe gently without leaving it moist.

Another important issue is do not dorget to install automatic fake watches.If you have an automatic fake watch and want it to work properly, you should set it up regularly.Failure to install such fake watches regularly causes the lubricants that keep the watch parts working to dry and the gears and parts that enable this micro world to operate when you want to run it again will cause irreversible deterioration.Pay attention to checking the battery and operating automatic fake watch.Your fake watch needs energy to function properly. While the battery meets this energy need for most fake watches, the life of these batteries lasts approximately 3-4 years.The replacement of dead batteries in a short time is very important in order not to damage working parts.Likewise, automatic fake watch generate the energy they need with human movements.Since this energy does not last as long as batteries, it is important to keep it inside the winding devices that allow you to copy human movements and keep the fake watch running when you are not using automatic fake watches.

I left the most important issue to the end. keep the fake watch in a dry and clean place.Dust and moisture are the biggest enemies to consider when storing fake watch.Fake watch stored in a dry place with their box will be largely protected from these external influences.If you do not want your fake watch to be scratched or damaged, never place it face down.Do not store your fake watch by wrapping it in packaging materials or other objects other than its fake watch box.One of the mistakes we see especially frequently is to keep the watch wrapped in bubble wrap.These wraps are made to protect fake watch from being transported, wrapping the fake watch in this wrap may protect it from external impacts, but will cause the fake watch to rust due to moisture retention in the plastic.