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What Do We Know About Rubber of Replica Watches?

One of the most important materials used in replica watches is rubber. I would like to share with you the article of my friend who has a very deep knowledge about Rubber and is an expert on this subject. You will also understand very well why we use rubber in our replica watches.

Dear friends, you know me as a leather watch strap manufacturing importer and wholesaler. I have completed 30 years in my profession (1990-2020), including my apprenticeship. Ahmet Arslan (replica rolex watches), one of my masters, was a prolific person who was fond of manufacturing.Together, we used to manufacture using mica and plastic belt injection machines in the eighties-nineties.

What is the Rubber used in Replica Watches?

Speaking of which we call 'rubber', its raw material is a herbal product derived from tropical trees.The production of rubber was first started in Brazil. Brazilian rubber tree. Its flexibility, abrasion resistance and water resistance rubber are the most important factors of modern industry,especially mechanical transport technology.has made it one of the favorite raw materials. The locals called the tree 'have' or 'cao ochu', which means 'tear'. The best quality and expensive raw material "rubber" used in watch bands is valuable and preferred in terms of being organic and environmentally friendly.Therefore we used high quality rubbres in our replica watches.

What is PU Plastic (Polyurethane) used in Replica Watches?

Polyurethane:They are polymers consisting of chain of organic units, containing embossed links, discovered by Otto Bayer and his colleagues in 1937.Polyurethanes do not contain any environmental risks. It is a complete environmental friend in terms of person.

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What is Silicone used in Replica Watches?

One of the many synthetic (artificial) polymers containing silicon, oxygen and various hydrocarbons. Short chain and small molecule silicones are used as lubricants. Longer chains are rubber. What does 'silicon' mean in the dictionary? General name of substances similar to organic bodies in which silicon substitutes for carbon. Since it is resistant to heat and water, it is used in the production of materials such as oil, plastic, ointment.Since it is organic, it is not harmful to the environment.

What is PVC used in Replica Watches?

PVC, commonly referred to as "vinyl", is the abbreviation of the word Poly Vinyl Clorur and is a type of polymer with the formula (CH2-CH2) produced from petroleum and salt in petrochemical plants. whose use has increased in recent years, contains environmentally enemy chlorine and many harmful substances that cause cancer.Note: Developed countries have banned its manufacture and import.I hope I have given enough information about rubber.You can find replica rolex watches from here.